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Skin rejuvenation and skin treatment in the Zurich Laser Center

Our skin plays a major role for our beauty and aesthetics. After all every body is influenced by the appearance of the skin.

The aim and wish for a smooth and pure skin should not stay a dream and does not have to be obtained by painful operations.

Our skin and skin rejuvenation treatments in the Zurich Laser Center are by now tested for years and are very successful in practical experience.
Skin rejuvenation
By using modern technologies and special treatment methods we offer a fast , safe and effective way to improve your skins appearance.
Here in the Zurich Laser Center you will only be treated by specialists trained in skin care and skin rejuvenation. For any questions our team of doctors is at your disposal. Thus we provide peak quality and safety standards.
Skin treatment and skin rejuvenation in the KE-Medical Zurich Laser Center – just choose the best arguments.
» professional consulting and counseling interview
» only premium technologies are applied in the Zurich Laser Center
» peak quality and safety standards
» you will only be treated by best trained therapists, our team is always at your disposal
» documented treatment and treatment parameters
» perfect aftercare and control appointments
KE-Medical - Your laser & IPL specialist for permanent hair removal and skin rejuvenation.
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