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Our highest maxim is to offer premium quality treatments. This is our credo.
In the Zurich Laser Center will not participate in the current trend of price dumping and offer less quality treatments or use inferior technologies. Not now, not ever.

All our therapists have a profound education and keep up to date by continuous trainings.

After all it is your body which we work on – so do not take a risk and trust our 25 years of experience in successful laser and IPL-treatments.
In a free and non-binding counseling interview we will issue a fair offer for the complete treatment.
"The laws of economy prohibit receiving a good service for little money. If we take the lowest offer, then we have to add something to the risk we are taking. And if we do that, then we have enough money to buy something better in the first place."

John Ruskin, English social reformer (1819-1908)
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