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About KE-Medical
Starting in 1985 as a business branch of the Kringlen Engineering AG, KE-Medical® is one of the leading vendors of laser- and IPL-technologies in the realm of medicine and aesthetics.

With our world-wide presence, our customer-oriented service and our long-term experience we are today one of the most innovative companies at the market.

As a technology-oriented enterprise research and production in our own development department is the main focus of operations. Our objectives are to continuously advance Laser- and IPL-systems and to develop new and upgrade existing methods of treatment.

Since its foundation KE-Medical has own institutes and training facilities at its disposal ensuring a successful, effective and safe treatment for our customers.

Additionally our own service department provides a fast and technically qualified customer service.
KE-Medical laser and training Center   Development and production branch
Laser- and training Center   Development and production branch
From the beginnings we have been dealing with photo-epilation (permanent hair removal) and skin rejuvenation using laser- and IPL-technologies.

As first company in Switzerland, Austria and Germany we took over sales of the IPL-Plasmalite products in 1998. Their potential for permanent hair removal and skin rejuvenation was virtually unknown at this time. Within years we facilitated the introduction of permanent hair removal and skin rejuvenation issues using IPL-systems.
KE-Medical - Your laser & IPL specialist for permanent hair removal and skin rejuvenation.
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