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KE-Medical Hair & Skin – The future-proof modular IPL-System

Due to over 20 years of experience and research in the realm of laser- and IPL-technology, the KE-Medical Hair & Skin is not only one of the most powerful and modern systems for permanent hair removal and skin treatment, but as well one of the most flexible IPL platforms.
KE-Medical sets new standards.
We as a Swiss company developed this IPL-system ourselves since no other IPL-system on the market could convince us in our own institutes. We provided different innovative and enhancing ideas for IPL-systems to their manufacturers, but not all features were implemented. Either their usage is extremely complicated or the devices were malfunctioning too often.

Using our practical knowledge of over 20.000 patients in the Zurich Laser Center and together with our in-house research and development department we set new standards in IPL-technology with our product the KE-Medical ® Hair & Skin.

The KE-Medical Hair & Skin features:

» newest IPL- and FPJ-technologies
» 100% safety and efficiency
» high profitability with low operating costs
» newly developed and patented tool holder with quick-exchange system
» unique filter system that needs no replacement
» easy and safe handling
» active, integrated cooling system
» maximum energy efficiency
» free configuration of energy and pulse length
» modern and easy-to-read display
» effortless movement and transportation
» self-service
KE-Medical - Your laser & IPL specialist for permanent hair removal and skin rejuvenation.
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