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KE-Medical Hair & Skin – Customer Training

An initial training as well as continued education after the purchase of a KE-Medical device go without saying. We answer any of your questions.

You will be perfectly trained to use the KE-Medical Hair & Skin ® by our experienced laser- and IPL-therapists.

We will not only show you how to correctly handle your new KE-Medical Hair & Skin in any treatment situation, we as well will pass on our long-term experience in theoretical and practical sessions.

You will be optimally trained for an effective, successful and safe treatment.

The special KE-Medical Customer Support

» Our hotline answers any upcoming question about service and treatment anytime 24 h replacement service
» 24 h replacement service
» Assisted financing and leasing
» Training and education seminars for successful treatments
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» Individual marketing-packages for your institute, practice or studio – tailored to your needs
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